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FOI and DPA Awareness Campaigns

The Governance Team is embarking on a new campaign to raise awareness about the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act within the University.

The programme is being developed at the moment, but is expected to include posters, postcards, presentations and communications to reinforce the message that we need to be more aware of the information we store in our systems.

At the time of writing, we have begun to deliver a series of FOI and DPA briefings to ITMS staff and Faculty Managers. We’re working on developing appropriate resources to allow us to target key personnel in the University with our message.

Coincidentally, the Information Commissioner recently announced “four out of ten students online (42%) are concerned that personal information available about them online might affect their future employment prospects”. The figures were based on a YouGov survey of 500 students. The ICO has recently launched their 2011 Student Brand Ambassador campaign and a DMU student is taking part to raise awareness of information rights among young people.

The survey also revealed that 33 percent of students who have changed address while at university had failed to ensure the redirection of all of their important mail to their current address. 76% haven’t checked their credit rating in the last year, and 66% have never checked it, allowing suspicious credit applications to go unnoticed.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said:

In tough times, young people are clearly less relaxed about privacy, particularly in relation to information that they post online – but many may not know what they can do about it. The Student Brand Ambassador campaign is about arming students with the advice they need to protect themselves from obvious dangers such as identity theft and keeping their social lives private. It’s about empowering young people to take back control of their information and I hope the campaign is embraced by students at universities across the UK.

We’re happy to find out that it looks like there’s going to be a lot of good stuff about personal information and the Data Protection Act around DMU in the coming months!

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