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Announcing Zend – Secure Data Transfer

Back in November 2011, I wrote a post about needing to be careful when sending sensitive data outside of DMU. Since then, the Governance Team has been working hard to try and meet the needs of staff and one of the things we’ve come up with is Zend.

Zend Screenshot

Zend is a service to make it easy for you to move files, including large files in to and out of the University. Files can be uploaded and the credentials (a username and password) sent to a recipient, who can pick it up at their leisure.

In theory, Zend can be used to upload files of up to 4GB in size. However, this is only possible if you have a 64bit windows and the 64bit Internet Explorer browser and most people will not have these. For most of us, the file size limit is 2GB.

Zend is not a document repository and, as such, is not backed up. If the service fails and files are lost, they cannot be restored. Please consider this when loading files to this site.

Zend is available at: can log in using their usual username and password.

A PowerPoint presentation for using the system is available from the ITMS intranet site here:



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